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Using NOAALink

NOAALink Contract Information

  • Contract Number: DG133W-10-CQ-0042
  • Ceiling: $2.5 Billion
  • Period of Performance: 8/31/2010 to 8/30/2020

NOAALink Core Management Components and Service Areas

Core Management Components

Service Areas

Customer Care

  • End-User Service Center Services
  • Desktop Management Services
  • Collaboration Services

Infrastructure Management

  • Data and Voice Network Services
  • Data Center Services
  • Application Management

Business Management

  • Procurement/Service Catalog Services
  • Training/Professional/Consulting Services
  • Special Projects

Information Security and Risk Management

  • Security Services
  • Continuity of Operations/Disaster Recovery

NOAALink Ordering

Please refer to the CIO NOAALink website for ordering instructions.