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ERT – A Trusted Partner Providing IT Support Across the NOAA Enterprise

ERT is a woman-owned small business with a 13-year history of providing information technology services, science and research, engineering support, environmental services, and management to Government customers. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) is ERT's largest client. Over the past seven years, we have expanded our support to NOAA to include all six Line Offices, providing a total workforce of approximately 310 staff currently supporting NOAA at 30 locations nationwide.

As a trusted partner and service provider, we are deeply committed to supporting NOAA's mission, and we recognize the strategic importance of the NOAALink contract in securing core IT services in support of this mission. Our ongoing and in-depth involvement delivering IT services across NOAA provides us a unique perspective into the challenges of achieving NOAALink goals without compromising ongoing critical activities.

The ERT NOAALink Team—Partnering to Meet NOAALink Objectives

ERT has assembled an exceptionally-qualified team of strategic partners to support the NOAALink contract, all of which bring distinctive qualifications and experience to our team. Our team includes a full complement of service providers and strategic vendors with IT and mission capabilities that cross the broad scope of NOAALink. Our team is a partnership that offers extensive mission experience, depth and scale, industry best practices, and transformational business and IT solutions.

The ERT Team includes many highly effective and accomplished small businesses, including RCG, InovaTech, and Suh'dutsing. Our team also includes G&B Solutions, Raytheon, SRA, and Verizon Business—four large-business service providers that offer our team access to scale and niche support in specialized disciplines. Additionally, ERT has established strategic vendor relationships with Microsoft, Red River, and Tibco, providing access to products and product services for telecommunications, hardware, and software.

Additionally, our team bring extensive, demonstrable, expertise with IT best practices, standards, and methodologies, including CMMI, ITILv3, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 27001, PMBOK, and Lean Six Sigma to meet service level standards, achieve consistent results, and realize significant cost savings. We will conduct low-risk transitions, ensuring continuity of operations while managing a low-risk migration to agile, secure, cost-effective enterprise solutions.

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